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Crossroads Sod Farm

Full service sod farm with locations across Tennessee.

We arrange farm pick ups, deliveries, and installation of sod.  

Varieties of Sod

Black Beauty Fescue

Cool season grass with a natural dark green color that lasts all year long. It has a thick blade. This tough grass is traffic tolerant. Black Beauty Fescue’s waxy coating makes it resistant to weeds and disease and the deep roots helps preserve the moisture.

TifTuf Bermuda

Warm season grass that goes dormant in the winter causing it to turn brown. It has a thin blade. This grass roots in 10-14 days. The roots reach deep promoting high drought tolerance. TifTuf Bermuda can thrive in poor soil conditions and partial shade.

419 Tifway Bermuda

Warm season grass that goes dormant in the winter causing it to turn brown. It has a deep green color with a fine texture. It thrives in full sun conditions and does well at tolerating heat and wear.

HGT Bluegrass

Cool season grass with a bright green color. This thick blade grass was developed in harsh climate conditions, specifically to withstand diseases, pests, and traffic. HGT Bluegrass establishes quickly and thrives in fair shade conditions.

Zeon Zoysia

Premium warm season grass with a bright green color. This thick blade grass grows horizontal stems creating a dense carpet that can withstand high traffic and drought conditions. Zeon thrives in full sun conditions and is tolerant of partial shade.

Meyer Zoysia

Premium warm season grass with a dark green color. This medium blade grass forms a dense turf inhibiting the growth of weeds. Meyer is tolerant of partial shade and cold.

Stadium Zoysia

Premium warm season grass with a very dark green color and fine texture.  This dense grass spreads rapidly for excellent wear tolerance and recovery. Stadium Zoysia has extensive rhizome growth making for excellent heat and drought tolerance.

Sod & Sprig Installation



Sports Facilities

Golf Courses

Farm Operations 

Our experienced farm managers oversee maintenance of sod from seed to harvest. They are in the fields daily to ensure the highest quality sod. Pick up at the farm is available at these locations. 


Years Established

Acres Produced in 2021

Prep & Maintenance

Ensuring your sod maintains it’s luster begins with proper preparation along with continued care and maintenance. 

Measure the area

Our pallets cover 450 square feet (50 square yards). Measure the area’s length and width, then multiply the numbers together. Subtract from that any area that does not need sod, such as the house or existing landscaping. 

Remove existing grass and debris

Sod needs direct contact with dirt. Existing grass needs to be killed 7 days prior to installation so no residual effect from the chemical remain.

Watering schedule

Roots should start establishing within the first week. This can be tested by pulling up a piece of sod and checking for white fingerling roots coming from the bottom of the sod. Until roots are well established, watering your sod regularly is advised. During the heat of summer, sod should be watered 3 times per day; early morning, late morning, and early afternoon. Avoid watering late in the day as that promotes fungus.


Fertilizing is not advisable until the fall. We recommend a root producing fertilizer at that time which is higher in Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).


If your sod is establishing well, it can be mowed after 3 weeks. Otherwise, give it some extra time. With Fescue, mowing should be done late in the evening, after grass is dried off. It is advisable during the hot months to keep it at 3.5″ or higher, 4″ is ideal. For optimum results, blades should be kept sharp and clean.

Mid-South’s source for quality sod and service.

Crossroads Sod Farm has 1,500 acres of sod across Tennessee. With daily regional deliveries, we are positioned to provide the Mid-South with expedient service.

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Customer Reviews

Great service! Even though I only needed a small amount of sod they treated me as if I was getting a trailer load. Great product too!


Great place to get quality sod. I buy all my sod from Crossroads for my business


Had the best prices on Bermuda when I needed a few pallets of it. Easy to work with.”


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